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Don't get me wrong, I don't intend everything I post here to be a rant. The title is mostly for the sake of the pun and it's only coincidence that the first thing I find worth talking about involves ranting. Anyway, here we go.

In a nutshell, I've been spammed on deviantART. Some idjit I'd never heard of sent me two copies of a threatening note, as follows:

> 'Make your time.'

> DarkLinkthe2nd [link] & DarkLinkthe3rd [link] have had enuff of ur crap.

> "...You've been warned by others, now it is time to end your existance on DA."

And that's it. Investigation revealed that the latter account doesn't exist anymore, but the former included a journal entry with some sob-story about being flamed. Now, anyone reading this knows I've never flamed in my life. The journal contained responses from people similarly threatened, most of whom had also never heard of this character. It looks as though the spam was a cheap way of getting page views. -_-;

My response was to report the guy. I also sent a reply note to the active account:

> 'Regarding your notes to me...'

> Hi. You should know that I, along with the others you've spammed, do not appreciate it at all. Furthermore, I'm insulted by your use of chatspeak. Since your other account seems to be nonexistant, I have reported this one. I hope you'll make better choices in the future.

> ~Neshomeh
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