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With regards to the last post--yeah, in light of further further information, I just decided to delete some posts from here. It was never my intent to draw attention to myself or anybody else, and I just don't want to screw around with internet spooks possibly getting involved. I still have to do a journal, but if I'm going to make it complete and not walk the line, I'm going to have to keep it private. I'll probably still post here occasionally, but I've come to the conclusion that the internet is for imaginary things only. For example:

Dear Philadelphia,

I'm writing to notify you of a phenomenon that could, if not checked immediately, become a rather disturbing trend. You see, since my arrival, twice have I ordered an iced chai tea, and twice have I received an iced latte instead. I have never had this problem before in my life, which has contained a not insubstantial amount of chai tea, iced or otherwise. On the first occasion, I was able to inform the vendor of the mistake, upon which said vendor showed me the container labeled "Chai 2%" and swore that my beverage had come from that container. It was not chai--I know coffee when I taste it; it is nothing like chai. However, upon getting a replacement from the container labeled "Chai skim," I actually got chai. Sadly, I was unable to enquire into the matter on the second occasion.

I can only suppose that your vendors are unfamiliar with chai tea and very much in the habit of reaching for the chilled coffee. In the future, I shall be certain to make sure to verify that the beverage in my cup is chai before I leave the vendor. I would very much appreciate it if you, Philadelphia, would give some serious thought to your coffee habit. I have some concern that you may be addicted to the point of excluding all other beverages from consideration, which is most unfortunate. The health benefits of tea in general cannot be overstated, and there really is nothing like a sweet, spicy, iced chai on a hot summer day. Please do give it some thought.


A Concerned Visitor
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