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Kittens! {= D

I first remember standing in an open structure, looking out at a big river. The name St. Croix is in my mind, which means I'm probably in northern Wisconsin, since that's mainly where I know it from. There's ice up and down the banks, but I can see dark gray water rushing away in the middle.

I turn away and exit the structure on the other side. There's a frozen lake here, and I cross on the thick ice to an old barn. The wood is weathered and dark. Inside, there's a litter of kittens! Little gray and black and tabby fuzzballs, lying on a blanket. ^_^ The person in charge of the place tells me I probably can't get close—they're barn cats, and so half-feral—but I know I can. I watch Jackson Galaxy. I sit still and call to them, and gradually they start coming closer to investigate me. They're not afraid. They're just little, and why would they be? I scratch their heads and tell them they're good babies, and soon enough they're all over me, except for three or four who stay asleep. I am covered in kittens. Life is good. ^_^

There was a lot more stuff before and after this, but who cares? Kittens!

Date: 2017-02-06 06:49 pm (UTC)
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This is the best dream ever.

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